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Monday, August 19, 2019

Maths Learning App for primary Level

Education is about learning. Best app to help your kid learn math and test it.

Making Learning More Interesting

Education is not something restricted to formal schooling alone. Kids start catching up with alphabets and numbers in their early years, much before they step into school. So, education in that sense is essentially about learning. This is an app meant to assist them in improving their mathematical learning and building a strong foundation paving way for complex theorems that would form the edifice of tomorrow.

Children as kids are curious about everything around. This is a new new world for them. They are first timers at a lot of many stuffs. There are things they love and there are things they would not want to do again. But, they invariably love the nursery rhymes as much as they enjoy the view of the twinkling stars in the night skies. They are also fond of reciting the English alphabets and numbers. No sooner that a child parrots the succession of numbers, he/she starts picking up the nitty gritties of mathematical calculations that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. That is what this learning app is all about!

'Math Learning for Kids' is an application that floats in actuality a style of mathematical learning which is best suited for young kids and children aged 3 to 13. Hunger for more information and an aspiration to know everything is never ending in children and this app satiates just that. This is not an application limited to learning, you can also test yourself by choosing the PLAY mode.  People from other age groups can also strain their brains a little by choosing the HARD mode from the menu. Once you do that, the screen will show a calculation question which is kept blank for you to fill. You can choose from among four options displayed while the timer ticks. Every correct answer fetches you some points which, at the end of the test, add up as your final score.

--- Mode ---
• Easy
• Medium
• Hard

--- Levels ---
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Mix

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